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Encrypt your sensitive email, stop data loss and keep spam off your mail servers


This single license gives you a lot more for your anti-spam budget. Get the email encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) that you need to comply with data protection and privacy laws. And, you get protection from the latest threats and spam campaigns. Sophos makes it easy and affordable to have the most complete security for your email, both at your network gateway and on your mail servers.

Sophos Email Protection - Advancedemail-protection-box

  • Meet all your needs with one license and one budget
  • Protect sensitive data with integrated encryption
  • Prevent information loss with DLP configuration
  • Block the latest spam, malware, and evolving zero-day threats
  • Deploy your choice of secure mail gateway or message server solution in hardware, software, or virtual form factors
  • Scale to process hundreds of thousands of messages daily
  • Never deal with updates or upgrades again
  • Get support any time


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