SDB Specialty Networking, Inc.

Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.
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Company Background

We are a small company located in the greater Manchester area of New Hampshire that started up in June of 2009, when three friends and colleagues decided that they could carve out a small niche in the New England Area providing sales, support and services to home users, home businesses, small businesses, small and medium companies, and schools for all of their computer and networking needs.

We have several specialties, but we are known for recommending proven solutions. We not only recommend these solutions, but we survey our customers’ needs, design and install a total solution, train our clients so that they are knowledgeable about the products they choose, and continue to provide support on the result for future changes and upgrades.

If you are an individual, business or school looking for some assistance in the very evolving technological world, we would appreciate it if you would give us try and see how we stack up against the competition. We are a small company, which allows us to deliver a personal "hands on" experience. We get to know each of our customers above and beyond the equipment and software we install. A working relationship is the best way to stay informed and keep up with the pace.

We have over 30 years of successful working experience, so let us help assist your next upgrade or migration!

Company Values

Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.

SDB Specialty Networking's dedication to designing and delivering proven high quality solutions to our customers is equally matched to our commitment to providing the best technical and sales support around. Let us help you ease the pain and frustrations of maintaining your networks.

Our goal is to provide an extension of your local IT Staff

At the rate technology is advancing around us, it is a vital component to have a continued working relationship with our customers and is the best way for us all to stay informed and keep up with the pace.

We strive to empower our customers with knowledge and growth by taking on the extra burden of testing and research so they don't have too. We inspire confidence and trust with our customers by providing the valuable asset of knowledge onto them.

We pride ourselves in the fact that we are a full service company

We can Support, Design & Build Specialty Networking solutions for your home, home office, small business, or enterprise with several locations, or an Educational setting for Elementary School, Middle School, High School, or Private School all the way up through University Level.

We get to know each of our customers above and beyond the equipment and software we work with. By knowing our customers at this level we have acquired additional knowledge of other common components in most industries over the years. We can even help you integrate network devices and applications that you didn't purchase from us.

Company Mission

SDB Specialty Networking has a pretty simplistic mission and philosophy "knowledge is power". We are not about just providing customers with proven solutions. We are about teaching and training what we provide.

SDB Specialty Networking has a commitment to providing the knowledge of all components we install on our customers networks, whether it be software or hardware. All Products and Services we offer include on-site training and continued phone support throughout the life of the product.

" knowledge is power "

We want and encourage all our customers to know exactly what is happening, what is being installed, what it does, how it works, and why they need it. This provides them with the power to easily see the benefits of such devices in their networks after the installation and can explain it to others within their environment or company.

This further allows our customers to clearly identify problems or issues that they are having on their networks and to know which device should be checked, which in turns helps us know exactly where they left off and where we need to focus our attention for support or sales calls.

Empowering our customers with the power of knowledge helps save everyone time, which means less down time and more productivity for all!