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SDBSN Network Monitoring

Why would I need it?

One key component for any IT Infrastructure is having the ability to monitor and track network connected devices utilization and resources without having to spend endless hours of time sifting through the logs or manually calculating those daily, weekly, monthly or annual reports.

Can you easily and accurately answers these questions?

  1. How much Internet Bandwidth you are using during your peak business hours?
  2. When are your peak hours for Internet Usage?
  3. When will you need to upgrade your Internet Circuits?
  4. How many packets per second are you sending through your firewall?
  5. When will you need to purchase a faster firewall?
  6. What is the growth rate of Disk usage on your File Server?
  7. When will you need to purchase more hard drive space?
  8. What is the average CPU and Memory utilization on your Web Server?
  9. When is the best time to take the server down for an upgrade or maintenance?

What is it?

SDBSN Network Monitoring enables the tracking of utilization and resources of your network devices and provides you with current and historical graphs to help answer these questions and many more. We poll your devices every 5 minutes and will enable the look back for up to two years of historical data.

You can track just about anything you can think of on a given device as long as it has the capabilities to serve SNMP or Simple Networking Monitoring Protocol, such as CPU, Memory, Network Traffic, Network Errors, Latency, Current Sessions or Online Users, Web or Email Server Processes. 

Almost every modern device now supports this statistical data and requires little setup and configuration to start seeing inside that router, firewall, switch, server for what it is really doing in your network and how well it is performing.


Network Monitoring will help you troubleshoot problems or issues when you are notified during the event or after the event has already happened. You will be able to pull up any specific window of time over the past two years.

It will help you justify the new budget proposal to your board or supervisors and assist in the estimate or anticipation of when you need more Internet Bandwidth, faster servers, more disk space.

It will help you learn and understand the trends for usage of your online users, whether surfing the Internet or browsing your web server. This will assist you in deciding the right time to schedule down time for an upgrade, so that you can minimize the interruptions to your staff, clients or customers.

Once you see the types of graphs and data collected about your network utilization and resources, you will ask yourself how you ever lived without it for so long.

Please watch the video below for an example of the types of data you can start seeing in your own network to help you become better acquainted with your current infrastructure and assist in future network decisions.

We currently offer the following options:

  1. Off-Site Hosted Solutions
  2. On-Site Virtual Server Solutions
  3. On-Site Physical Server Solutions

Please give us a call or submit an online request form for more information or a live demo.